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  • Premium Power Nozzle

    Premium Power Nozzle

    Trigger activated handle with flat to floor feature and height adjustment for various carpet types.

  • Premium Electric Hose

    Premium Electric Hose

    High quality 6 foot electric hose for use with the Premium Power Nozzle.

  • Premium Wet & Dry Hose

    Premium Wet Pickup hose

    High quality 6 foot hose for wet and dry uses. The Sirena will literally suck up water, spills and dampness.

  • Dusting Brush

    Dusting Brush

    Great for delicately dusting shelves, curtains, surfaces, lamps and more.

  • Crevice Tool

    Crevice Tool

    Perfect for those harder to reach places, allowing you to clean you home from top to bottom! Get into corners and cupboards.

  • Upholstery Tool

    Upholstery Tool

    Engineered to clean fabrics, and designed for maximum airflow, this tool will work wonders on couches, sofas, chairs and more. Especially effective for removing pet hair.

  • Inflation tool

    Inflation tool

    The Sirena can double as an inflator or air compressor. Inflate air mattresses, toys and more. Also great for blowing dust out of hard to reach places.

  • Telescopic wand

    Telescopic wand

    Telescopic lengthening wand which can extend for stand up use and compressed for ease of use vacuuming stairs.

8 Item(s)

per page